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  1. Will,
    Than you for keeping Hip-Hop alive, I’m with you ’till the casket drops, ( or an R & B chick sings the hook )…….piece

  2. I bought this and Music Has the Right to Children on the same day in ’98, and life has never been quite the same. Miss you guys.

  3. Its a delicated problem
    Many years of same god damn THING
    Sick of it all …we put the voice on da mic and protest and show to the people whats wrong but the question is…the politics understand the situation??????????THE GOVERMENT???

  4. That’s powerful music right there. Time to realize the police are not here for the 99%. They protect the 1% and the corporations that run this country. Fight the power!! Let’s look past petty racial/sexual/gender/religious differences and realize we all have one common enemy. The people must stand together. Solidarity will win in the end.

  5. “Saluud! Get ´em up get ´em up in da air!”

    You burnin´ down the clubs with this tracks bro.
    D.L.E.MM.A bossin and riding for one nation!
    Good to see you rise and shine. Industrial underground
    sound combined with old school elements! Sounds unique!

    You can be proud on this drops homie! Respect!
    I like them all! This is no common shit.

    My favourite tracks are Kill ´em all, Salud and Hood Song!
    Dope arranged beats and well mixed!

    Keep ´em coming !!! One Nation!

  6. hey guys… just wondering if you’ll ever release a cd or digital version of the ‘changing culture with revolvers’ album?