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It’s with a heavy heart I tell you that DJ STILL has passed. HSI-CHANG LIN aka STILL was our DJ for the ‘From Filthy Tongue’ and ‘Absence’ Album Eras. We spent years on the road in an era where ALL we did was tour. STILL was an extremely talented and intelligent brother who impressed us from the day we met him at a show at Swarthmore College. Me & him didn’t always see eye to eye, and bumped heads on more than a few occasions. In all honesty we haven’t been in contact since he was out of the group, but I will always remember the good times we did have together, on stage, in the studio, and on the road. I don’t know what demons or pains you struggled with in the past few years b. I wish i had know you were hurting like this. Whatever beef we had wasn’t so deep that we couldn’t have spoken a few words. For that i am sorry. I truly hope you have finally found the peace you never had on this plane. Rest Easy STILL. My condolences to your family.




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