Jett Brando – Songs of the Valley Cassette (with Download)


JETT BRANDO Songs of the Valley on Cassette

(Includes digital download card)

JETT BRANDO’s debut album on Deadverse Recordings pays homage to certain influences from the ‘90s, especially those on the Creation and 4AD rosters. The influence of My Bloody Valentine, The Boo Radleys, Swervedriver, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Pavement, The Verve, Oasis, Rocketship, and Radiohead is evident throughout, but accompanied by nods to early solo McCartney, Emitt Rhodes, and Big Star to form a heady ‘90s-meets-early-‘70s potpourri.

Jett Brando is unique blend of styles all anchored by Winter’s bittersweet songs, his voice, and the keen production of and collaboration with Will Brooks of renown Hip-hop group dälek.

Songs of the Valley is the culmination of over twenty years of Winter and Brooks drinking in the sounds of some of their favorite music, and then breathing it back out like so many rings of smoke to circle around willing heads

CASSETTE TAPE (Incudes Free Digital Download) and is available to order from deadverse recordings.

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