Respect to the Authors EP


  • Label: Exile On Mainstream
  • Release: April 5, 2019


Dubbed as ‘alt hip-hop’ by their iconic label Ipecac Records we can’t agree more to the implication of this honorific as the New Jersey tone evangelists are indeed an alternative, if not thee alternative: being Hip Hop for those who don’t pigeon-hole themselves as typical Hip Hop diehards, attracting those who keep listening outside the box. Subversive. Paradigm-changing. Mindblowing.

Dälek do not have a message, they are the message: with focusing both on tone and content while staying true to the roots of HipHop but bringing in the love for monolithic sound arrangements as well as dream-like haze of sheer volume they combine both the powers of sound and words solely and undisputable. For us at Exile On Mainstream it’s nothing less than a long dream coming true to release a strictly limited, one-off vinyl-only EP called “Respect To The Authors” in time for the EU tour in March/ April 2019. The EP features 6 tracks and 30 mins of playing time.

Exile On Mainstream has been friends with Dälek for well over 17 years and the release marks bringing together likeminded efforts to full circle.


  1. Respect to the Authors *
  2. …With These Mics
  3. Molten
  4. Defiant. ^
  5. Words Connect
  6. Seek Harbor

All songs written & produced by: Dälek (Will Brooks) for Mayan Ruins Music (SESAC) and Mike Manteca for Mike Mare Music (BMI)

All Cuts by DJ rEk (Rudy Chicata) Except ‘Words Connect’ cuts by dälek (Will Brooks)

Musical Guru & Keys* : Joshua Booth

 Bass^ : Jeremy Winter

Additional Source Elements Provided by:

Chris Cole (Defiant)

David Obuchowski (Respect to the Authors)


Mixed by Will Brooks & Mike Mare at deadverse studios III, Union City, NJ

Additional mixing on tracks 1 & 4 by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Foundsoundation, Union City, NJ

Mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Music, New Windsor, NY

Art & Design by Mike Mare

Respect to all who support




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