Halfway Homeless

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  • Label: deadverse recordings
  • Release: November 4, 2008
  • Catalog No: DV001

Oddateee – Halfway Homeless

Packing 12 hard-hitting tracks from the underbelly of hip hop and coming straight from the edge of insanity, ODDATEEE’s stream of conscience on flow “HALFWAY HOMELESS” taps into his most primortal fears, angers, and frustrations. Backed with production by dälek (Ipecac), Komplx, Digital Unicorn, and cuts by dj Motiv, ODDATEEE bounces from the dark gritty streets to the old school vibe of abandoned building party joints. The album’s first single, “RICANS,” is a new anthem for Puerto Ricans and old school Hip Hop / Electro fans alike. HALFWAY HOMELESS is a paranoid ride through the mind of this Hip Hop Maestro/Madman. If you love your Boom Bap skewed towards the deranged,you will love ODDATEEE… and you need “Halfway Homeless”

Album Reviews

From listening to Halfway Homeless, you would think rapper Oddateee’s homebase of Union City, New Jersey was a city manifested in the spirit of the South Bronx albeit reconfigured to fit some kind of Timothy Leary-esque vision of a hallucinogenic hip-hop utopia. As producer Dalek keeps the pace of the beats at a surreal and trippy pace with fuzzed out riddims and squalls of noise akin to a crunked-out Sonic Youth, Oddateee harbors lofty aspirations of achieving commercial success , as tracks like “Crack Rock” and the electro-fied “Ricans”. This push-pull duality makes for some very interesting moments on Halfway Homeless, which might not offer any direct threats to the Black Eyed Peas’ reign on the charts anytime soon, but can relish in its unique stance amongst the most original recordings hip-hop has seen in recent memory.

-Pop Matters