Focused On My Mission

Released December 25, 2020 as an exclusive download for those who purchased any of the MEDITATIONS series on Bandcamp

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Will Brooks (Dälek)
At deadverse studios III, Union City, NJ
December 2020



Abstain from unnecessary movements

I’m using alpha waves to change behavior

…thus proving.

These words  carry wait…

thoughts just congruent

Fluid motions identical in form.

Im torn when spitting truth  cause

These masses uninformed

Tangled webs of spun yarns, bot farms, and dot coms

Y’all Fell for Presidential Cons.

I could have told y’all from jump that lil bitch ain’t  no Don.

Got my blood pressure up

these comments off the cuff

Off the record, on the record

…I don’t give a fuck.


Retained adaptive traits to tame any terrain

Keep my regular mundane,

Exist across the grain.

Back in the days when Big G was known as Blame

We ain’t do this shit for fame.

The culture just ingrained.

sustained rhythm

un obtained wisdom gave way to Lyricism

Verse Subvert system

I’m Just a different organism

Pivot position

They stock pile munitions

Threats of mock trials and prison

Just projection

Stuck in adolescence

Flood waters cresting

Sink or swim ?

Survival looking grim

Dim-witted out-witted

Vital Patterns virtually kept hidden.


Pulses quicken

History rewritten

Records stricken

we gots to keep living.

The villain’s unforgiven.

Fuck religion and yo children.

The past ain’t at all what you envision.

Fertile soil from spilt blood

That still thickens.

Lay your ear to the ground and just listen…

Diatribes of martyrs & victims

Buried crimes of the wicked.

Not  the least bit vindictive

Just focused on my mission.