Derbe Respect, Alder

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  • Label: Staubgold records
  • Release: April 27, 2004
  • Imagine What We Started

  • Hungry for Now

  • Remnants

  • Dead Lies

  • Erratic Thoughts

  • Bullets Need Violence

  • Collected Twighlight

  • T-Electronique

    • Lyrics

      They walk a path that's not mine, never was or ever will be.
      Fulfilling prophecies hobble knees of MC's
      Set to breath the rich air of mediocrity
      And so ironically you seek to whisper from the poison lips of Socrates
      I watch with these sad and tired eyes
      If I were blind perhaps then I'd know of sunsets.
      As it stands I hate myself more than public.
      Prose and poetry set to drown in murky sonics
      Crucify the honest least they beg to play the minstrel
      Divide by 5th harmonic Just to keep it simple
      Basics of my breath only known to my people
      Speak in paradox seems to sullen minds of feeble
      Retrieve the core text and proceed to feast with equals
      Your church steeples only set more eyes on RA
      Confusion on your face when i call my brothers god
      Grasp open fist with right Met with a solemn nod
      First signs of rain i plant these seeds in fertile soil
      Anoint scarred wrists with remnants of ancient oils.

      And since then I felt more than never
      Placed brittle faith on filthy tongue slowly severed by words
      Left interred as exposed souls erode
      though I'm told to expect that fate
      Human has no fate
      (With Fist that knows pain)

      Await with rusted blade to split this right wrist
      Fractured lip spits blind truth into life's abyss.
      Lifted spirits only crash to concrete
      Greet enemies with pounds
      Brethren with horrid sounds
      Resonating what we wrote
      You foster false hope
      To those who tie noose with stale rope
      Broke stride with strong neck
      In last attempts to gain respect
      Melanin the constant threat
      Yet we easily forget
      Where we are, what we are
      Are by far foreign concepts
      Somewhere between the seeds of Gods and Monsters
      Quite a thought to ponder
      Ancient treasures squandered by greed that bleeds from all veins
      Humanity maintains false histories to breath
      Breed lies in ink to infect truth written
      Given live makes ironic alter
      Tarnished martyr polished words only to be blurred
      When i once tried to watch
      And irony is lost
      True knowledge only comes at too high a cost

      And since then I felt more than never
      Placed brittle faith on filthy tongue slowly severed by words
      Left interred as exposed souls erode

 Faust Vs dälek – Derbe Respect, Alder

Album Reviews

This is definitely not the kind of collaboration you’d expect, and the result defies expectations. It could have been an awful clash of freaked-out Krautrock with rhymes and scratch. But Derbe Respect, Alder is actually much more, and an excellent case of the end result exceeding the sum of its parts. Of course, the strength of the music is not that surprising. After all, you have in the blue corner a highly creative hip-hop trio from New England, known for its mind-bending studio trickery and refusal to be pigeonholed. And in the red corner: the mighty Faust, who have been constantly redefining (and recycling) themselves. This album was possible only thanks to both parties’ open-mindedness and willingness to explore new grounds together, instead of simply meeting each other halfway. Drums whack with insistence; keyboards and electronic textures fill the landscape with windy, filtered sounds; basslines slip under your skin; on-the-fly collages and scratching blur the distinction between real-time instruments and the manipulation of prerecorded sources; finally, the vocals of Dälek and Oktopus add a sense of urgency to the music. Their voices are embedded in the music, as if they were just another layer of noise guitar — not more or less significant than the other layers. The slightly lengthy opener, “Imagine What We Started,” makes for an uneven start, but “Hungry for Now” and “Remnants,” two short, punchy songs, propel the album into orbit. But the highlights are found in the more experimental tracks, like “Dead Lies,” dense, noisy, and complex, or “Bullets Need Violence.” The closer, “T-Electronique,” features a looped beat, some of the set’s best rhymes, and Hans Joachim Irmler’s ferocious processed organ. Derbe Respect, Alder is one of the most surprising albums of 2004 and a highly successful collaboration. Highly recommended. ~ François Couture, Rovi