Dalek Rarities 1999 – 2006

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  • Label: Hydra Head Records
  • Release: July 23, 2007
  • Catalog No: HH666-122
  • Megaton (Deadverse Remix)

    • Lyrics

      Within my turmoil lies no answers
      nonsense in sentence spoke backwards
      tired of cowards.
      Worldview soured by hypocritical cynics
      listen to my lyrics before discounting validity
      you never been no kin to me
      I see through your papier-mache mask so clearly
      Yes, fear me.
      you never seen this thought pattern,
      though my gear may appear tattered,
      your whole way of life I plan to shatter
      Sick of sub-species brain matter controlling airwaves
      Weak-minded walk brainwashed in haze
      I pray for the last days.

      I disintegrate visual plain, battlefield to remain in mental
      your attempts to rhyme are inconsequential
      I met you halfway and remain empty-handed
      Never forgot that the Beast is branded
      I communicate to ancients in Sanskrit
      Elicit use of drums to conjure a false god
      I move herds of these so-called Mc's with cattle prods
      So now I sob for my corpse-culture
      Nicely packaged for the corporate vultures
      you call me vulgar but I'm just a shadow of society,
      Not your commodity.
      Peace to the last true: ODDATEEE,
      Let us wander aimlessly,
      My idols sell their asses shamelessly.
      I pray for the day of the megaton.

  • Angst

  • Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yourself

    • Lyrics

      I tremble at the thought of what I've become
      That sorry proud image in puddles leaves me crying rivers
      These tender words are muted by the stench of life
      Long before they could ever reach your ears.
      You relate to mere echoes of what never stops but in my mind.
      Entrails of truth left to scatter at the feet of humanity.
      Plain sight leaves sour taste in this parched mouth.
      Remain stricken with doubt
      As I exchange pounds with those who remind me what I was
      And confine me to chains with my blood.

      I wonder if I will ever shed this feeling
      Worn grotesque physical whose voice provokes wonderment.
      Smooth violet light briefly eases the hardened sounds from belly of mechanical beast
      And then itself is extinguished.
      As will be my voice I suppose.
      From this silence arose a wail of freedom through violence.
      Am I permitted to vent thoughts recited a million times before?
      Fluid drenched I eavesdrop onto Middle America
      Same concerns as my youthful blood
      And yet I have to sit alone.
      The odd loud screech which may have startled a few from this middle poor Americana dream.
      The rest only to sleep.
      My speech the soundtrack to their nightmares.
      Moonlight, once again
      Burns my image, once again
      A million times, into a million minds,
      Through crust caked eyes
      Who only pray to die...
      Once again.

      There is no remedy to my sickness.
      Vivid view of nothing that was ever here.
      Witness the subtle shifting of troubled souls towards a new mark in this wet sand.
      Enjoy the bland mundane circumstance that led us to this staring match.
      Breathe deep within my own collapse.

      Ruin it, Ruin them, Ruin yourself.

  • Vague Recollection

  • Desolate Peasants

  • Rouge (Deadverse Remix)

  • 3:46

  • In This City (Deadverse Remix)

  • Music for ASM

  • Streets All Amped

    • Lyrics


      Cause we all holding on by the thinnest of strands
      Met my pound with open palm, then your people's my man
      Reminisce to back when beef was settled hand-to-hand
      Shystie muthafuckas got these streets all amped

      1. Scripts to fracture sternum
      Speech dropped octaves
      As they drop knots on truth you 'tempt to sell them
      Filled to brim with venom
      First thought's to end them
      Second seek survival at base levels
      Targets? i got several
      Apprehensive actions took minor infractions
      and turned them into felonies
      Next auction of melagnined set to start at Sotheby's
      Job growth gets college graduates aprons at Applebee's
      Happily concede, but never to that thief
      Plant seeds of revolution every time we speak
      For every one MC there's a million Whiteboys that burned your last LP
      Better wax than wood crosses...
      Best we cut our losses
      Seek refuge in tunes from past decades
      Display same rage
      Magnified by malignant movements of this day and age.


      Cause we all holding on by the thinnest of strands
      Met my pound with open palm, then your people's my man
      Reminisce to back when beef was settled hand-to-hand
      Shystie muthafuckas got these streets all amped

      2. i keep my fam close
      Go for throat when you approach
      Fuck hope, live at end of frayed noosed rope
      Quote scholars in attempt to fulfill prophecies
      Those "sorry"s won't amend for ancestral atrocities
      Watching me won't relieve those deep rooted fears
      Out the corner of my eye seen your image come clear
      Revered traits, betrayed by your frail chest plate
      A timid tongue speaks words force fed from wooden spoon
      Demented dialog consumes
      Took five steps back to retune
      Knowing full well what darker days loom
      learned to read horizon
      In hopes to watch our final sunrise
      As sun sets on mankind
      Entertained by vain aspect of my kind
      Poorly educated in corrupt paradigm
      Pointless situation since we all just dumb, deaf, and blind.


      Cause we all holding on by the thinnest of strands
      Met my pound with open palm, then your people's my man
      Reminisce to back when beef was settled hand-to-hand
      Shystie muthafuckas got these streets all amped

  • Ascention

    • Lyrics

      1. Strained vocal chords, gutter gospel spit through headphones.
      Thoughts pause mixed to transmit our fundamentals
      Fuck a hard fought struggle, time to dead dem issues
      Find hidden gems in given words misuse
      Loose tongues serve as noose on these wack ass crews
      Redundant views, so now i spit new venom
      With innocence of felons commit sins on zeolots
      Lost message in this medium.
      Maintain cohesive rhyme pattern to shatter fragile lies they keep feeding us.
      Deceived populis, content to keep complacent
      I paint a vivid picture while these fraud MC's keep tracing
      Rhyme-by-nuumbers, while my real niggas slumber
      Await to re awake, we stay humble and hungered
      You misdirect that anger.
      I channel spirits of ancient Mayan Kings
      While you R&B sing.

      2. Stream of consciousness coincides with clearer concepts
      Caught the vibe of genocide from their eyes from onset
      Information leaked from organizations like faucets
      led to last of leaders locked down like convicts
      Wander aimless amidst this myth of salvation
      Frustration exponential when our struggle's made central
      Fuck if i offend you, kept my verbals simple
      Regurgitated phrase heard through broken rear window
      Christians stuck Egyptians for the Ankh as life's symbol
      Blind the eye of truth, now reduced to crucifix
      Two useless twigs to which our future's now pinned
      If these lights seem dim, well i prefer the darkness
      Eternal heathen, in your eyes i'm heartless
      It's our love of breathing, that keeps my people marching
      For all our wealth you stole seems your soul's still starving.

      3. Pan African as Marcus Garvey
      Severed several corroded arteries with 40 paragraphs of the prose of poverty.
      Ironically society labeled us phsycotic
      Wrote a new script in pure sonics
      Prepared for warfare wit bare fists and phonics
      Harmonics unlock core-text of ancients
      What you choose? Freedom or Enslavement?
      Lack the patience to persist with peace
      When our youth are harassed by police
      Seems the fleece pulled on eyes
      When will we realize,
      that we'll never be more than 3/5ths
      No matter how many Malcomn's or raised fists
      Vengance comes swift but death will come quicker
      Why concerned with fingers when it's minds that pull triggers?
      This kid with swoll liver still sips on street liquor
      the perfect paradox, poised for life's rigors.
      Wisdom delivered in slurred soliloquies
      Seems we lost the true meaning of Griots and MC's
      Revolutions don't stop just cause clips are empty!

  • Maintain

  • Back to Burn

 dälek – deadverse massive Vol. 1: dalek Rarities 1999-2006

Album Reviews

Though the left-field hip-hop group Dälek (composed of DJ Oktopus and MC dälek) released a full-length album in February of 2007 — the spectacular Abandoned Language — less than six months later they came out with another set. Not that this material is new: almost all of it had been issued before, mostly on 12″, though there are a few never-before-heard songs, too (“Music for Asm” and “Angst”), along with a fair share of remixes, all of which are interesting enough to give new perspective to the songs, and are worth hearing. It’s as much about the production here as it is the rapping, which means that there are plenty of instrumental bits throughout the album, either between verses or comprising the entire track, giving the compilation a very ambient, atmospheric feel, more suited to background than foreground listening (though there are a few cuts — “In This City,” “Maintain,” “Vague Recollection,” for example — that merit careful listening). Rarities is clearly not the album for a Dälek neophyte to begin with (rarities never are), but it’s an interesting collection for a fan, especially one who doesn’t want to track all the individual singles down, and helps to add to the intrigue of this impressive group.