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  • Label: Rare Noise Records
  • Release: November 30, 2018
  • Catalog No: RNR100LP


The dark, impossibly intense dirges, industrial noise onslaughts and banshee-like free jazz wailing heard throughout Anguish could be an imposing soundtrack for a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future. This powerhouse, inter-generational offering and RareNoiseRecords debut brings together an unlikely gathering of members of the New Jersey-based experimental hip-hop group dälek (electronic musician and vocalist Will Brooks with guitarist-keyboardist Mike Mare), the Swedish free jazz group Fire! (tenor saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, drummer Andreas Werliin) and the classic ’70s German krautrock band Faust (keyboardist and 68-year-old founding member Hans Joachim Irmler).

Recorded in just three days during the summer of 2018 at Faust’s Scheer Studios, located in a former factory perched on the banks of the Danube in Swabia, Germany near the Swiss border, ANGUISH stands as a hard-hitting manifesto for the next evolution in the hip-hop legacy. Irmler explains that the seeds for Anguish were planted several years ago.

“About 15 or 16 years ago I was told by (guitarist) Christoph Lindner that there is a hip-hop band living in New Jersey that knew a lot about Faust, and I was really wondering about this. So I decided to invite them to come to my place. This is how I met Will and Mike and the others from Dälek. We had a great time and we decided to meet again together with the guys from Faust. And we made an album, Derbe Respect, Alder, which means ‘respect the old guy.’ And this album, in my eyes, is a really great album because the hip-hop was done totally different than ever before. The two worlds came together on this project and it’s still a mark in the world of prog-rock and hip-hop.”

Anguish is a logical extension of that initial 2004 collaboration, reuniting key members of Faust and dälek with core members of the Swedish improvising outfit Fire! Orchestra.

“Anguish was created in a fierce improvised blur,” adds Werliin. “There were noises coming out from the headphones and we started to make more noises. It was like instant composing. We were all in the same room, close enough to see facial expressions but still on a safe distance from each other. And Joachim, who also made fantastic food for us during the session, was strolling between his kitchen and homemade synthesizers.”

Adding Faust’s Irmler, dälek’s Mare and Fire! Orchestra’s Werliin to the mix gave the perfect balance they were looking for on ANGUISH. “It gave us really an endless amount of possibilities, and it’s been so freakin’ inspiring to work with,” said Gustafsson, who also has high praise for his Fire! Orchestra bandmate Werliin.

“Andreas is the best drummer in the world when it comes stop-time related drumming. The way he deals with time and punctuations and variations…he’s like the most dynamic clock ever. For me, he is the ONE. And what he brought into this session is magic.”

What all the members have in common is a hard-edged sensibility, a rebellious streak and an urge to explore. “It is all about creative music and interaction on a music level and on a human level,” says Gustafsson. “It’s the only way to go.


Anguish are: 

Will Brooks (mc dälek) – vocals, SAMPLR, Eventide/Elektron effect pedals, 1 note on MOOG rogue, 3 notes on grand piano
Mats Gustafsson – tenor saxophone,live – electronics, 3 notes on grand piano
Hans Joachim Irmler – synthesizers, vocals
Mike Mare – guitar, electronics, synthesizer
Andreas Werliin – drums, percussion


Gut Feeling
Brushes for Leah
Healer’s Lament
A Maze of Decay

Recorded and mixed by Johannes Buff
Assistant Engineer: Jan Wagner

Recorded at Faust Studios, Scheer, Germany July 14 – 19, 2018
Mixed at END NOTE
Bayonne, Basque Country July 23 – 27, 2018

Spiritual counsel – LENNI

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper
Mastered at Turtle Tone Studios, NYC, NY

All songs composed by Will Brooks, Mats Gustafsson, Hans Joachim Irmler, Mike Mare, and Andreas Werliin.

All song published by Mayan Ruins Music (SESAC), Mike Mare Music (BMI),

All lyrics by Will Brooks, Mayan Ruins Music (SESAC) except “Healer’s Lament” by Kamau Daáood.

Executive Producer for RareNoiseRecords:Giacomo Bruzzo
Design & Layout by Paul Romano
Sculpture by Darla Jackson


  • Vibrations

  • Cyclical/Physical

    • Lyrics

      Applied pressure to pain centers induced euphoric
      Base emotions sent soaring
      I find our violent tendencies quite boring
      Restored faith in humanity is always short lived
      Our acts are pure ID
      Reactions lurid
      Liquid flow supposed to raise more questions than answers
      Fractured thought to break jaws of these bastards
      Adapt to change faster
      Shattered alabaster turned onyx
      We breath in the shadows of broken promise
      Won’t sacrifice sonics
      Id rather risk survival
      Fuck you and your false idols
      My absolute truth resides on worn vinyl
      33 1/3 cause life is all cycles.


      This mind remains cyclical.
      Confined within physical.

      Revisit fits of rage of an uncouth youth
      Torn pages burnt to purify fire as proof
      Existence is relative
      Forbidden sentiment succumb to this social structure
      Deconstructed as this entire plane is punctured
      Profane paragraphs properly maintain wonder
      I’ll tuck you in for that final slumber
      Vivid imagery conjured
      As our very mortality is pondered
      An entire lifespan to wander
      Every single fear conquered
      Only to be replaced by the face of a true monster.


      This mind remains cyclical.
      Confined within physical.

  • Anguish

    • Lyrics


      All unbalanced
      We lost language
      These arms brandish
      In pure anguish
      Till we all vanish

      Eternally pay my respects to those who poses
      Our ancient breath
      Behavior unbalanced
      We continue to seek these unknown pleasures through all too familiar anguish
      Passages never passive
      I inhabit this prose
      These concepts grow in our very fiber
      Too exhausted by these times to ever be tired
      A regenerative fire
      Ignited by a cocktail of desire and doctrine
      We heal through words as offerings
      No time for preposterous posturing
      Recognition unusually comes posthumous
      I’m pessimistic of all these doe eyed optimists
      Perhaps they’ll bop to this
      But I’m quite sure our core remains elusive
      Labor’s fruit becomes putrid
      Scrolls presented when dreams became lucid
      Layers to these phonetics
      We graft to street music
      I encourage your own conclusions
      Consumed consciousness like oxygen
      Mere steps from cold fusion
      Concepts exponentially confusing
      Ain’t much left to prove man.


      All unbalanced
      We lost language
      These arms brandish
      In pure anguish
      Till we all vanish

      This unease I feel as if there are others
      Closer than brothers ... distant
      Regrets are somewhat instant
      Envision relief snatched by same thieves
      I’ve know little peace
      Pace nocturnal
      Rhythms remain eternal
      The warmth of the sun is felt on such rare intervals
      Bathe in radiant truth from cherished individuals
      Humbled to share this precious breath
      Precarious life shrouded in certain death
      I revel particularly in the most vile
      The anguish of existence is fitting
      It’s the truly mundane that makes me smile
      That infantile smile
      So pure without pretext
      Lost concepts connect primal
      I find these harmonics vital
      Volatile verses unearthed from the depths of this flesh
      Form words express emotions built for millennia
      Time travel through J’s cranium.


      All unbalanced
      We lost language
      These arms brandish
      In pure anguish
      Till we all vanish

  • Gut Feeling

    • Lyrics

      Whole world covered by this canopy
      Traverse an alien anatomy
      Mundane speech pattern makes me question all sanity
      Divested thought, into basic building blocks
      Need a beat that knocks to unlock what must be said
      Yes I’m well read,
      But more importantly well versed
      Details burst
      4 decks plus still maintain
      Innate thirst
      Do what I love so this shit ain’t work
      Get caught in crosshairs get your feelings hurt
      Reside in depths where depression lurks
      May have crossed the threshold where real inverts
      You too concerned with who’s skins and who’s shirts
      I’m simply irked by our benign nature
      The sheep can’t detect danger
      Can’t tell if I’m strange or just a stranger
      Most detest my behavior
      Neither saved or a savior
      Always minor never major
      Maligned by those self described as divine
      I’ll divide your zero sum game to the n-th decimal
      Smash your idols off their ivory pedestals
      I’m sure you got your line of reasoning
      Me? I got several
      Disregard your 16 bars
      Refuse to keep schedules
      We all amped B, but your charge local
      Mines considered federal
      Can’t help but speak guttural
      Designed the abstract to attack literal
      I’d expect most in your positioning adept react visceral


      Call this a gut feeling
      None of y’all is real villains
      Facades is too revealing
      Fuck your frail feelings (3x)


      Acts unforgivable, so forgive me as I linger
      Use tongue to produce shivers
      Ain’t impressed by mere shimmers
      Stand at crest of flooded rivers
      Revived the dormant temples
      Touched by three fingers
      Empires reduced to smoldering cinders
      Re-enter an atmosphere
      Saturated with fear
      Frustrated by the drones who attempt to adhere
      Normalcy was never revered
      Weed out the insincere
      Clear visions produced in Scheer
      Multitudes reduced to tears
      Amplitude oscillates as this rhythm change gears
      This type expertise only achieved with years
      Yet somehow come off as cavalier...Yeah.


      Call this a gut feeling
      None of y’all is real villains
      Facades is too revealing
      Fuck your frail feelings

  • Brushes for Leah

  • Healer's Lament

    • Lyrics

      Lyrics by Kamau Daáood


      lament for the poet
      swallowed by the cracks in the streets
      flowers for the dead musician
      strangled by a bill collector
      in a bank parking lot
      prayers for the painter
      drowned in white acrylic
      what words we have for the dancer
      split apart in indecision

      sacred clock, holy field of light
      martyrs, healers
      why does beauty wade through dung
      callous and unnoticed
      why is the sweat of the heart invisible
      why must love ache and peel in loneliness
      like orphans in the trash bins of the world
      dogshit on the jugular vein
      the masterpiece submerged in the abyss of blood
      painting hung on the wall backwards
      lost to the eyes of babies

      why do sons die before their fathers
      why do daughters give birth to children
      with faces that add up zero
      as we sit in concert halls with chastity belts and earmuffs
      promoters of robotic music
      cancerous and vile
      mouth stuffed with tombstones
      mutilators of dreams


      battering ram spitting graffiti
      on uterus walls
      watermelon seeds swelling in asphalt
      traffic jams and drive-by shootings
      of pistol whipped lovers
      paintings in the shadows
      dancing in the spotlights of helicopters
      woe to the loss fruit and all its nectar
      woe to the suspended souls spinning
      in an uninformed universe
      crumb snatchers slip into a world of ice
      wrapped in nightmare of AIDS tattoo
      and crack smoke sunglasses

      no eyes smooth, no naval smooth, no mouth smooth
      only nostrils plugged with the funk
      of dreamless men
      tripping over the length of their lives
      scripted with a pitchfork
      at the edge of flame

      the place where they came together
      is the place where they fell apart
      they look at each other
      in the void of cracked eggs
      chanting the pledge of allegiance
      to a pitbull with a billy club
      on an ocean of crack vials and uzi shells
      planned parenthood discussed
      in a think tank
      Hitler became an American citizen
      and hope floats in an empty pack of Kools
      sailing down a gutter river
      of 5 million 40oz bottles of malt liquor
      filtered through the bladder of a ghost
      that is about to lose his pants


      holiness uttered from the bastard’s lips
      suck fire from ocean of stars in a drop of blood
      to have been to the place of torment
      and return with a badge of scars
      and praise on the lips

      in the silence you will understand
      the ears turned inward
      the work sits
      on the desk of the heart
      under the light of mind
      the soul sweats
      extract wisdom from a tear
      when the horses of desire are tamed
      ridden to new horizons
      then you will move
      through the body of god
      as healing agent
      instead of a

  • Dew

  • A Maze of Decay

    • Lyrics

      Among a maze of decay
      Remain amazed I don’t fade
      Forgave the ones who became
      The very thing we all hate

      Irate ramblings
      Channeling our deepest layers
      Conveyed emotions lost for decades
      More than mere rhyme sayer
      Fuck those blind prayers
      Frequencies set to raise arm hairs
      Life gets easier once you accepts it’s not fair
      Shared wavelengths in nascent form

      Contorted vocals become the norm
      Those who came in peace caused the most harm
      But nah i stay asleep
      No need for alarm
      Stay asleep there’s no bed for alarm
      So sleep. Don’t be alarmed.

      Subsist on what’s left of ancient scrolls
      Shoulders slumped as we give breath to prose
      From ash ‘rose all I ever held .. dear
      Thrown to wolves but never ever .. smelled fear
      Forever forward with a veneration for what’s past
      A generation of outcasts
      Some somas cut short by gun blasts
      Some adapt to expand horizons
      The very light we seek is blinding!
      Most conform to four walls
      But this configuration keeps climbing
      Ascend past this era of blatant lying
      I got no use for your lies.

  • Wümme

    • Lyrics

      Varied tradition
      Origins is fitting
      It’s been said that none listen
      Puzzle pieces missing
      Felt it all shifting
      Microphones I’m gripping carry weight
      The sound and shape recalibrate
      These altered states change equation
      Complicated mind need frustration
      Deep connotations
      Connected cores off vibrations
      All mediation
      Precious time is wasted by the timid
      We just built different
      The lineage is gifted
      Took the 70’s and flipped it
      I was taught by this mystic