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We are proud to debut the new video for IconAclass – Dutch (You Caught Up) marking the release of Changing Culture with Revolvers on vinyl. Check out the video directed by iconAclass’ own Harry Huncken aka Mixmaster Motiv. Order your vinyl copy today from Sabotage Records.

A few words from the desk of Sabotage Records that sums up the importance of this project between Deadverse Recordings and Sabotage Records, and the story of how our dear friend Thomas Reitmayer (RIP) made this happen:

“The story of how this release came to be is unique on many levels. At the beginning of 2020 the motivation and energy to continue on with Sabotage Records was at a low point. It just wasn’t really fun anymore and I spent a lot of time thinking about what could be changed to improve the situation. I came to the conclusion that there was really only one option; broaden the scope of the music on the label. The way it used to be. I felt that things had become too routine, too homogenous and lacked excitement. I began discussing the situation at length with my friend Thomas Reitmayer. He had a lot of insights to offer on the subject and really helped me work through things.
That May he posted the IconAclass record on his Facebook page. I gave it a listen and was blown away at how good it is. Through the course of our talks I mentioned to Thomas that I would like to release a hip-hop album. His response was, “then you should start with this one and I can help you set that up”. He put me in contact with Will and within the span of a day we were all on board and excited about the project. This was on 4th of May 2020. Unfortunately, Thomas passed away a few days later on the 7th and left a huge hole in our lives; there are still many days where I wish he was still here and I am still not able to come up with the right words to convey how truly great he was, how important he was to me, how unique. However, this record and how it came to be is a shining example of the way Thomas was and what was important to him. This release is a an homage to him, to our friendship, to his life’s work and just to his way of being in general. Thank you Thomas for the years we had together and thank you Will for trusting me to do this release together.”