Dälek @ Pôle Etudiant

  • Date: January 31, 2019
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Nantes, FR
  • Venue: Pôle Etudiant


Dälek, Coucou Chloé, Cannibale, Tryphème

Chemin de la censive du Tertre, 44300 Nantes, France

DÄLEK (Hip-hop + noise / USA / Ipecac Records)
Dälek is a myth of hip-hop. Author of albums summoning for enraged and unparalleled sound power, he has influenced many artists for 2 generations.
He returns to the front of the stage after a few years of interruption, for our greatest pleasure.

COUCOU CHLOE (Electro / France + UK / Nuxxe Records) Cuckoo Chloe is a UFO in the world of music. Producer of a dark electro and experimental rap accents, she managed to seduce Queen Rihanna there is a little over a year through a mix at a fashion show. Like what, musical avant-garde and pop can sometimes get along well.
CANNIBALE (Garage + exotic music / France / Born Bad Records) Cannibal is the press that speaks the best! "Indolent rhythms that convince Latin America and Africa (Mowno) "A garage rock traveler and will sunny" (Libération) "Pieces that provoke visions or hallucinations" (France Inter)
TRYPHEME (Electro / Paris / CPU Records) Influenced by the pop side of electronic music, Tryphème produces a hybrid music composed of hazy melodies and incisive rhythms. His musical universe is a mix of electro, synthwave and shoegaze, full of emotion and energy. In January 2017, the famous Central Processing Unit label based in Sheffield released its first album, Online Dating, giving it an international exposure. In the process, she released an exclusive title on the compilation Below the Radar # 28 for The Wire. In addition to Concrete, Visions Festival or Nuits Sonores, Tryphème has performed live in London and Sheffield as part of the Boiler Room Shaped the Future in collaboration with Warp Records.

(Translated from French)