Meditations No. 5


  • Label: Deadverse Recordings
  • Release: October 2, 2020
  • Catalog No: DV017




Meditations No. 5

All Tracks performed, recorded, and mixed by Dälek (Will Brooks)

Knowledge on Track 4 by Bobby Seale

September 25th – 29th, 2020

Deadverse Studios III.

Union City, NJ   

Five compositions performed using:

Ableton Live, SAMPLR, AUM, MPC 3000, ELEKTRON Analog Heat MKII, Eventide Space, Eventide Timefactor, Soundtoys, and a Tascam 424 mkII 4-Track.

Mayan Ruins Music (SESAC)

©️2020 Deadverse Recordings



Track listing:

1 …But That Does Not Mean We Are Too

2 A Reckoning

3 My Quiet Rage

4 This Is Where It’s At

5 The Apparatus is Behind a Symphony of Shadows



Perhaps more anxious

In a world where they demonize the anti-fascist

Felt more like Mohammed than I ever did Cassius

World view fractured from inception of vision.

Sight like 20/20 holds a brand new meaning.

Less redeeming qualities of men nurtured by unnatural systems.

Systematic racism intrinsic to American Exceptionalism

Impervious Empire

Except Infections have risen

You seek wisdom from charlatans

I ain’t saying just FUCK TRUMP… I mean ALL of them.

Soil saturated from what bled from ancestors

Re-hydrated by our youthful crop

Too easy to just say FUCK COPS, so i’ll say:

Justice remains an abject failure.

Case and point: Breonna Taylor.

I feel like Truth …. fell outta favor.

We left with infantile behavior masquerading as strength.

I’m exhausted but Word to life I ain’t close to done yet!

Depths to express still abundant.

Its just, at times,  it feels redundant

i struggle with phrasing.

Displacing the tension of life with each syllable.

Riddles to my own breath so I’m left perplexed

Felt useless… confused kid… inept…

As if these scrolls I’ve inked and spit

Leave lips, only to fall on deaf ears.

remain resolute … though perhaps devoid of tears

For 45 years I’ve existed in this wilderness.

Eyes wider now.  Hold those I love closer.

The fire within smolders.

An ancient anger to sharpen my steel.

Cut back layers to life to see what’s revealed.

Langston tried to tell us some wounds don’t fully heal.

Left with A quiet rage….

Thats my word to Bobby Seale.