deadverse news

This Dälek song was released in 2005…. it still applies to 2014.

Dälek – Asylum (Permanent Underclass)

1. Adverse effect affect the 10% that might listen

Welcome to the 21st neo-inquisition

Bite your tongue hold you thoughts close to vest

Better yet look for stars that they stitch reading “projects”

Ironic, we never see ourselves as next prey

What, now we equals cause we have a King’s holiday?

Coming storm here to stay

They turned the noon sky heron gray

Africans into slaves

Say we free

But if we speak like Malcolm X then they assassinate

Fate of men on corporate memos

Halos reserved for those who keep status quo

Carry big stick but speak in low tones.


Truth festers under scab of lies

We the permanent underclass don’t act surprised.

2. Denied access to true wealth

We may have felt the death blow

Again they stole our vocal chords and sold them to the devil

We use to raise our fists now our leadership just settles

Eyes off the ghettos

Keep watching those space shuttles

In midst of this madness it’s madmen that win

Even when we vote the opposite it all reverts to Regan

Silly Christian pagans

Still clutching myths dated back to ancient Babylon

That might unravel dawn

Misconstrued world view used to assault the misinformed kings

That move and act like pawns

Artist’s conform and play minstrel

Police State treats our young as criminals

Why pray to Roman death symbols?


Truth festers under scab of lies

We the permanent underclass don’t act surprised.

3. Inner City streets still reek of our inner turmoil

Killing melanined equates to X amount of oil

They’re telling tall tales to keep our eyes on foreign soil

Hearing truth from poor lips makes their blue blood boil

Play foil to false patriots

Remind youth of ’67’s race riots

When they learned to keep us quiet

Consumers consuming

Products we are now neither making or using

It only gets more confusing

30% of armed troops minorities

Casualties directly impact Black and Latin families

If freedom is what we are fighting for, they why’d they swindle Gore?

Imprison most our men and never really outlaw lynching?

The rich get tax breaks, so they are stealing from the pensions of the poor

Who were lured to this land by ideas of better lives

Or tightly packed onto slaveships who’s origin historians forever rewrite

Only goal to incite a mental riot

Defiant of airwaves designed to Tailor how I act

I drop the fists and guns and use this tongue to combat.